Long Story of My Dedication to Vivaldi or Let’s Make Love

I still remember the day my father bought my first computer today. We were in one of the posh neighbourhoods of İstanbul that I’ve never been before. It was beginning or the end of autumn in the year 1998. I even remember the price of my first computer, in today’s currency it was about 100€. After the purchase they told us they are going to bring the computer to our house in the next couple of days. Couple of days that time never past for me.

Turkish Ad Blocker Lists for Vivaldi Browser

In 25 March 2020 Vivaldi released the snapshot version 2.12.1862.3* with new and improved tracker and ad blocker abilities. In browser if you type vivaldi://settings/privacy/ in the address bar you can find the newly added section called Tracker and Ad Blocking where you can customise your settings.